April 3, 2005 Meeting


An e-mail was sent to each member who has provided a contact e-mail address.
Susan Chu phoned each other member who has provided a contact phone number.


Thanks to Susan Chu for bringing water and a variety of sweet goodies.


9 residents attended the meeting


The meeting was held starting shortly after 1 pm in Hastings Branch Library’s meeting room.

Agenda Items:

  •  Upcoming neighborhood events.
  • Update on ice rink project status.  Discussion about it.
  • Update on park rename request.
  • Discussion among attendees of interests and/or concerns in and around the neighborhood.

Passed out a handout listing upcoming events and discussed them.

  • Senior Center Field Trip on April 6, hosted by Rhonda Stone
  • Leadership Study Presentation, evening of April 6
  • City Council District 4 Town Hall meeting, April 28
  • Tour de Fourth Walk/Bike Event, May 11
  • Neighborhood Fair, June 4

Passed out a handout of current information for the ice rink extracted from the web site.  Discussed the current state of the project and possibilities for challenging it.

Passed around a draft of the letter to the city manager requesting the change of the park name.  Brought attendees who were not at the March meeting up to date.

Discussed street trees problems, interference of both private and public trees with utility lines, some neighborhood history, miscellaneous chit chat.

History tidbit from Albert Barrios:
In the late 40s, some of the guys referred to the then unpaved and very bumpy Avocado Ave as “foxhole lane”.