December 10, 2005 Meeting


An e-mail was sent to each member who has provided a contact e-mail address.
Laura Ellersieck phoned most other members who have provided a contact phone number.


Susan Chu brought delicious brownies.


5 residents attended the meeting.


Agenda Items:

  • Ice Rink Project Update
  • Report on District 4 Leadership Meeting
  • Trash Can Audit Update
  • Neighborhood Connections Open House
  • Association officer elections early next year
  • The meeting began about 11:25 am in Hastings Branch Library’s meeting room.


  • Ice Rink Project Update

Community meeting with city planning staff and the architect was held the evening of Wednesday Dec 7 at Victory Park.  Our neighborhood and Daisy-Villa neighborhood residents were invited.  Guesstimate there were about 20 residents that attended.Meeting was led by Segun Abegunrin, a Capital Projects Administrator in the city’s Department of Public Works.  He is the lead city planner for the project.  Fred Jones and some other city folks who were not introduced were also present.

Stephen Albert, of the Albert Group, which is the architect chosen by the city, was also there along with two of his assistants.  They had a laptop and projector to display conceptual design views for the project.

An enhanced satellite/aerial view of the project site showed it entirely within the previously described bounds of the city property.  That is, south of the under construction Viña Vieja Park, east of Eaton Wash and associated land including the oak trees, west of the Edison power lines, and north of a line extended from Alameda street.

Access to the site was shown coming from Foothill via the existing PCC entrance and parking lots, zigging west at the north end of the PCC lot to intersect an access lane which runs just east of the ice rink building along the eastern edge of the city property.   The building extends from the south side of the parcel to what appears to be just south of the western Edison tower, which is just south of Del Vina St.  The ice rink parking lot is then between the ice rink building and the south end of Viña Vieja Park.  143 parking spaces, as previously stated.  More trees and vegetation are shown in the current drawing than are required by code.

Although Segun admitted upon questioning that the access agreement with PCC is still being negotiated, it was stated that access will be from Foothill and definately not from Alameda or through the park.  There also seemed to be an indication that even the “emergency exits” at Alameda and to the park were out of the plan.  It was stated that a fire truck can always ram through a chain link fence if really needed.

There were a lot of questions about traffic impact, descriptions of how bad the traffic at rush hour already is, disbelief of city assertions about how few cars will be coming and going and that the project will not impact traffic.  There is to be a coordinated signal at the Foothill entrance to allow access in both directions on Foothill.  Residents requested that the traffic improvements for Foothill be done prior to the ice rink construction so as to observe how well they work.  Would also help mitigate the impact of construction traffic if they are done first.

To questions about overflow parking, mention was made again by Fred Jones of possibly using Edison land.  He also again made mention of PCC wanting more parking and possibly extending their lot north.  (None of us can understand why PCC thinks they need more parking since they don’t use what’s already there.)

Concerns were voiced about night lighting and car headlights.  The design shows thick hedges and trees along the western and eastern sides of the project which are to block headlights and also diminish noise.
It appears the notion of doing anything along Avocado Ave has vanished.  Questions about the future of the Edison land got nowhere, except for the vague references mentioned above.

The building itself is now projected to have a 58,000 sq ft footprint.  Two NHL size (85 x 200 ft) ice surfaces, one on the north side of the building and one on the south side.  Total length of building of 450 ft, width of 120 feet.   It is anticipated the north rink will be used the most and it has the 400 spectator seats.  The south rink has 100 spectator seats.  Entry to the building is in the middle, between the rinks, on the east side.  Skate rental, management, etc is in this middle area.  Meeting room(s) are to be on the second floor of this middle area, with visibility to the ice rinks on either side. It was stated that it was expected a meeting room would be available for community meetings.   Locker rooms are underneath the stands (which are to be formed from concrete) on the eastern side of the north rink.   South rink has 100 spectator seats, also on east side.  Not stated whether anything is beneath them.

Some of the goals of the building design are to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and to reduce the appearance of the building mass to better fit with the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

The exterior of building is a modern looking design shown using a variety of not yet exactly specified materials.  The base 10′ of the building is board formed concrete.  There is also anticipated some landscapy coverage material on some of it (did not get written down what they called it).  From the west and east side, above the 10 foot base are large alternating taller and shorter sections up to the roof.  The sides of the sections are to be of alternating but complimentary materials to break up the mass of the building.  The low roof is about 32 feet total, then about 8 feet more to the higher roof sections.  Each higher section has glass on its northern face to allow natural light into the building.  They hope not to normally need to use interior lighting during daylight hours.  No glass faces east or west – in part avoiding interior lighting visible to neighborhoods on either side.  Along the eastern base of the building is a sidewalk and then the 24 or 26 ft access lane to the east of that.  The southern face of the building is to be composed of some material described as partially transparent.  The northern face partially of the same material and partly glass.  Skaters on the north rink on clear days are supposed to be able to see the “magnificent view” of the mountains.

All ice making equipment is to be inside the building and therefore should not be able to be heard outside.  A cooling tower on west side will be designed to blend into the building form.  No ammonia or freon will be used.

Planned hours of operation are not yet set.  Expected to be part of operating agreement which is still being negotiated.  Can expect to be something like 6 am to 11 pm.

Signage is not yet known.  Neon or message signs have not been requested.  Anything would have to comply with city sign ordinance.  Any special restrictions or allowances would be taken up as part of conditional use permit process.

Next steps:

  • Public hearing for Conditional Use Permit (CUP) expected in January or February.
  • Design Commission review also expected in same time frame.
  • If all goes very well, including lining up financing, expect construction could begin during summer 2006 with completion around September 2007.

Discussion at our assoc meeting –
We should research who makes decisions at PCC to figure out who to talk to about our neighborhood’s issues.  Don’t want to muck up city’s ice rink access negotiations – provided they are working to our best interest.  Should be sure city’s negotiators are aware of neighborhood concerns.  Edison’s role is even more murky now – seems like city has tweaked ice rink project to completely avoid Edison land, but allusions to use of Edison land as part of PCC access deal continue.

  • Report on District 4 leadership meeting

Meeting with Councilman Haderlein, various city staff, and other district 4 neighborhood association presidents was held morning of Thursday Dec 8, 2005Lisa Derderian – Pasadena Fire Dept, Emergency Preparedness

  • Reviewed emergency supplies list.  Suggested giving emergency kits or items as x-mas gifts.
  • PERT program – free emergency response training classes by fire department.  Teaches disaster preparedness, disaster medical, fire surpression, light search & rescue.  Fire department won’t be able to be everywhere in the case of a large scale disaster.

Richard Bruckner – City Planning and Development

  • economy good, values rising fast
  • mostly condos being built, mostly in central district.
  • since 2000, 60% of development in central district and specific plan areas (did not say what is being counted, ie permits or?)
    thriving small industrial tech sector on Walnut St and Altadena Dr.
  • industrial space has 5% vacancy rate, and office market 5-6% vacancy rate
  • city no longer working to attract new businesses, trying to keep those have but little room for expansion
    Cogent currently has 150-200 employees
  • A building at Rosemead and Greenhill (Pasadena Federal Credit Union?) has been sold by a bank to Century 21
  • Radio station to homes project – must find place to move towers first.  Expects will be at least a year before we see things happening there.
  • Palmer Courts project behind PHS is waiting for student drop-off plan to be worked out.


  • Lt Randy Taylor is the new Service Area Commander for eastern service area.  (They rotate about every 3 years.) Has been a Lt for 6 years.  Previously has been commander of central area and also of detectives.
  • Encourages people to call about crimes and potential crimes no matter how small. Cannot “bother” them, it’s their job.  If have issues/questions, can leave message for him 24 hours a day at 744-4501.  His regular hours are M-Th 6:30am-4:30pm, during which he can be reached at 744-4620.
  • Crime in area has been low and spotty, mostly burglaries.  Only concentrated problem has been 24 Hour Fitness parking lot where there have been lots of auto burglaries recently.
  • Lock cars, do not leave stuff in car.  Criminals are watching and see people come out of nice stores and leave purchases in their cars to do more shopping.  CAP volunteers have yellow vests and are patrolling shopping areas during holiday season.
  • Floats will be removed from post parade on evening of Jan 3.
  • Diane Hanson is Community Services Officer for this area.  Does such things as coordinating Neighborhood Watch. Available to speak to neighborhood meeting if desired.
  • Trash can audit

Once there is a white tag on them you can resume normal way of putting bins out.  If white tag is not on yet, put it out every pickup day, whether full or not, and leave out until 6 pm.

  • Neighborhood Connections Open House

Tues Dec 20, 4 – 7 pm, 1384 E. Walnut (SW corner of Hill & Walnut)
Snacks, refreshments, door prizes, chance to informally lobby city officials

  • Association Organization / Officer Election
    • Start thinking about this as it’ll be a year in February since we last did it and elections are supposed to be yearly.
    • Still would really like someone with leadership skills for president.
    • Maybe we should have additional officer positions?  Do have vacancy already. Perhaps “liason” or VP focusing on a particular large issue.
    • Should flyer whole neighborhood.  Consider newsletter including request for nominations.  Consider some kind of event that will bring people out – rummage sale?  If we’ve gotten nominations ahead of time, then everyone doesn’t have to be present at same time to vote.

Next meeting is January 14, same time, same place.

Adjourned about 1 pm