November 11, 2006 Meeting


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Agenda Items

  • county senior survey
  • ice rink status
  • street lights petition for Vineyard Place
  • overnight parking exemption changes
  • pedestrian-only bridge from Gold Line station to south of freeway
  • area development
    • former radio station homes development
    • Sierra Madre Villa and Foothill
    • self storage on Edison land
  • adult business update
  • bunco scheme targeting area residents
  • city council race
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss

The meeting began about 11:23 am

  • county senior survey
    • The county’s commission on aging is doing a survey of senior (over age 60) needs.  Copies, including return envelopes, were passed out at the meeting.  Seniors may also complete the survey online at or obtain a copy by calling 213 738-2600.
  • ice rink
    • According to Councilman Haderlein, the current holdup is actually finalizing the budget.  It has gone up to $17 million from the previously public estimate of $12 million.  The civic center project may cover the increase in order to move the project along.
  • street lights petition for Vineyard Place
    • to add lights to the 3 existing street adjacent utility poles without lights
    • has been completed and submitted to the city
    • do not expect any action to install the lights until after the end of the year
  •  overnight parking exemption changesIf you or a visitor need to park on the street overnight (between 2 and 6 am), you can no longer get a temporary exemption by calling the city.  Now you or your visitor has to travel to one of five “temporary overnight parking exemption kiosks” (nicknamed TOPEK) and purchase an exemption for $3 per night.  You can purchase up to 10 consecutive nights.  The limitation on total number of temporary nights for an address is eliminated – but if you want a lot of nights it would be much less expensive to apply for an annual overnight permit (if you qualify).
    The automated kiosk will dispense a piece of paper that has to be displayed on the vehicle for enforcement officers to see.  There are instructions on the kiosks.  The kiosks only dispense the overnight exemptions; nothing for daytime.  They accept bills of $10 or less, coins, and credit cards.The 2 to 6 am ban on parking is intended to make it easier to clean streets, spot abandoned vehicles, and deter crime.  The city expects these systems to improve enforcement by freeing up people resources from permit issuance to enforcement and and making it much easier to determine who has a permit or not.  It is also expected to decrease the turn-around time for processing contested parking tickets.For an annual overnight parking permit, you still apply through the city’s Business Services Section, 280 Ramona St., or by calling (626) 744-4166.

    The kiosks are located at these five inconvenient locations:

  1. Pasadena Police Department, 207 N. Garfield Ave.
  2. Fire Station #32, 2424 E. Villa St.
  3. Fire Station #33, 515 N. Lake Ave.
  4. Fire Station #34,1360 E. Del Mar Blvd.
  5. Fire Station #36, 1140 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
  • pedestrian-only bridge from Gold Line station to south side of freeway
    • projected cost is now $6.5 million, $1.5 million federal (allocated in 2004), $2.5 million leftover from Gold Line, $2.5 from propositions A and C (not sure what those are – probably county bonds or extra sales tax for transit).  In July 2002 the estimated cost was $5 million.
    • some of it is to acquire some land and/or easement from OSH
    • includes (according to July 14, 2004 agenda item)
      • bridge
      • south tower with two elevators
      • walkway, pedestrian lighting, and landscape improvements on Sierra Madre Villa from the tower to Colorado Blvd.
      • improved bus stops on Colorado Blvd.
      • “kiss and ride” drop off on Colorado Blvd.
    • there is a design document, but not even a sketch/drawing has appeared in the council agenda when they’ve been asked to approve additional funds
  • area developments
    • former radio station homes development
      • radio towers and station are gone and grading is underway
      • There will be a new road off of Sierra Madre Villa which will then divide into two roads. There will be 28 two story houses of around 3300 sq ft on parcels of 7200 to 9300 sq ft, expected to sell for well over a million dollars each.
      • Because everything is being done to conform with pre-existing zoning, no special city permissions were needed.
    • Sierra Madre Villa and Foothill
      • The apartments under construction were delayed in progress by various issues but are now underway again. Now expect to be completed and open in spring of ’07.
      • The corner lot planning process is now expected to have a pre-plan review before the City Council in December.  A pre-plan review is only informational, the council does not make any decisions.  It is an opportunity to ask questions and to understand how the planning and permitting process will proceed.
    • self storage on Edison land
      • There are discussions underway between Edison, the developer, and the city about what project might have a chance of being approved as it is now fairly apparent that all the self-storage proposed would not be approved.  More of the areas that were proposed for storage being made into parkland is under consideration.  The “informational report” that was expected in October is actually a pre-plan review.  There is now no estimate for when that will occur.
      • The opposition organization Pasadena Open Space Preservation continues gather petition signatures and to meet every Thursday evening at 7 pm at Ability First on the corner of Del Mar and Kinneloa.  They are planning a demonstration for Saturday November 18 at 9 am between the Farmer’s Market at Victory Park and the location of Perssons Nursery on Sierra Madre Blvd.
  • adult business update
    • Pleasures, the existing business on Foothill, has now lost a lawsuit against the city and their appeals of that decision.  Several years ago the police caught that business in a number of violations of what is allowed.   The conditional use permit for alcohol sales and other provisions should now be revoked by the end of the year.  They could still be in business after that, but without alcohol they probably cannot be successful.
    • There is a revised ordinance in the approval process which will further limit where such businesses can be located.  Providing setbacks from residences for instance.  It was before the Planning Commission this past week.  It is now expected to be on the City Council’s agenda for December 4 with expected first reading and approval of the revised ordinance.  Second reading of the ordinance would then be December 11, taking effect on December 13.  The permit hearing for the Shakey’s pizza location is scheduled for December 14, so it will have to comply with the revised ordinance.  Under the revised ordinance, that location cannot be used for an adult business.  It is expected the developer will sue the city, but the city staff thinks they have done their homework and will win any lawsuit.
  • bunco scheme targeting area residents
    • One of our elderly residents was recently the victim of a bunco scheme.  Approached by two ladies claiming they had found a wallet, they pretended to contact and get instructions from an attorney, and concocted an elaborate and confusing scheme that eventually led to her losing a significant amount of money.  She is embarrassed at falling for it, but shared her story to warn us all that there are scammers out there who are very practiced and convincing.  Talking about the tactics used and warning signals, particularly with our most trusting and vulnerable relatives and friends can be useful in raising their awareness.   Report any incidents to the police, even if you smell the rat and avoid being victimized.  The more information they have the better chance to stop/catch them – you might help someone else.
  • city council race
    • Councilman Haderlein has announced his intention to run again for his District 4 council office in the election next March.
    • Eugene Masuda, a businessman, has announced his intention to run against Haderlein for the office.
    • Council persons Little and Streator have announced their intentions to not run for their offices again, so there will definitely be new council members starting next May.
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Fuddrucker’s on corner of Foothill and Michillinda has been demolished.  A CVS pharmacy is to be built there, plus maybe some small shops.

Next meeting is December 9, same time, same place.

Adjourned about 12:25 pm