January 13, 2007 Meeting


E-mail note was sent to each member who has provided a contact e-mail address.
Half sheet flyers were hand-delivered to all the streets in the neighborhood..


12 members, 3 guest attendees, 2 council candidates


Agenda Items:

  • ice rink update
  • park pedestrian path temporary closure
  • holes in park
  • member outreach and office election
  • Council Candidates visits
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss

The meeting began at 12:15 am

  • ice rink update
    • City Council meeting on 12/18/06
      • council approved everything staff asked
      • opening projected now for June 2009
      • Council member Streator advocated using “adjacent public streets” (ie. Avocado/Alameda) in the event an agreement with PCC was not readily reached
    • Community meeting on 1/3/07 at Victory Park
      • In addition to the notice mailing by public works, we distributed flyers for this meeting to all the interior streets of our neighborhood
      • learned revised seating is closer to the ice surface and between locker rooms
      • heard about moving upper east wall in, creating an outside walkway/viewing through the windows area
      • visual green screening.  Growing vines on west side of building and on vertical elements on east side
    • Design Commission on 1/8/07
      • three commissioners and three of us neighbors, but no staff people, showed up for the “site visit”
      • Received packet of drawings at the design commission meeting.  Passed them around at our meeting to be looked at.
      • learned indoor seating is fold down seats
      • statements made that could add extra temp seats for special events in walkway around rinks (but max total allowed by code would still be about 500)
      • statements made about having parties on the newly created walkway.
      • city staff presentation seemed poorly prepared both in exhibits and knowledge, and not very responsive to questions raised
      • commission focused a lot of attention in areas it is not normally supposed to deal with – site location, transportation, access agreements.  Was not provided sufficient detail for areas it is supposed to deal with such as landscaping and building exterior.
      • exasperated commissioners voted to recommend city council reject design
  • park pedestrian path temporary closure
    • Path was closed for several weeks ending January 8.
    • It was the city’s project on Edison land putting grounded chain link fences around the 4 legged towers and a fence to the south of the pathway across the PCC lot.
    • Chain link fencing around the towers is probably a temporary measure to prevent climbing the towers.  Preference would be the “discouragers” used on the towers in the park, but they are reportedly very expensive and have a very long lead time to get.
    • Why chain link instead of the plastic fencing used on south east of park?  Reportedly not necessary around towers, just under the wires for the “safety zone”.
  • holes in park
    • On Thursday they drilled holes in the park.  They should be filled in by now.  It is part of an effort to eliminate water puddles.
  • membership outreach & our officers election
    • Our yearly election of officers will be at our March 10 meeting
    • Will try to put together a newsletter by Feb 10 meeting.
    • Will take nominations/volunteers for officers at Feb 10 meeting, and until Feb 28?
  • Council Candidates visit
    • Eugene Masuda from 11:30 to about 12:05, at which time he left.
    • Steve Haderlein starting about 12:05
    • Will not attempt to summarize here.
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • There was a mayor, council, and school board candidates forum on January 10th at the Senior Center.  Replays of the “ACT Candidate Forum” are running each day on Charter cable’s channel 55 KPAS (channel 1 if you don’t use a cable box).   Those replays can also be watched via streaming video on the internet at:
      The replay schedule can also be found there.

Next meeting is February 10, same time, same place.

Adjourned about 12:50 pm