February 10, 2007 Meeting


E-mail note was sent to each member who has provided a contact e-mail address.
Susan Chu phoned other members on the phone contact list.


Susan Chu brought cookies and lemonade.


5 members


Agenda Items:

  • Ice Rink to Design Commission for “final” review, maybe Feb 26
  • Planning for newsletter distribution
  • Library renovations
  • Planning for our yearly election on March 10
  • City/School Board Election
  • Anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Las Lunas speed humps
    • Homeless? cats

The meeting began about 11:17 am

  • Ice Rink to Design Commission for “final” review, maybe Feb 26
    • Although it was not at all clear at the Design Commission meeting on Jan 8, it turns out that was considered to be a “concept” review, and the result of the commissioners deliberations don’t go to the City Council.  Instead, the Ice Rink planners will go to the Commission again for a “final” review, and then to the City Council.  This “final” review could be at the Feb 26 meeting of the Design Commission.  No indication yet whether the “final” design being reviewed will include any significant changes from what was presented previously.
    • The staff report and drawings handed out at that previous Design Commission meeting are now posted on our web site:  /wp-content/archive/ice_rinks/design-comm/icerink_dc-070108_mainpage.html
  • Planning for newsletter distribution
    • Creation of our first newsletter since a year ago is in progress.  Hopefully it will be finished in the coming week and ready for volunteers to deliver to all the houses in the neighborhood.
    • We could use some more volunteers to spread the load.  Just a block or even half a block would be helpful.  No need to do it all at once.  It’s good exercise.  And you might find yourself meeting or catching up with neighbors.  If willing, just send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Library renovations
    • The library will be undergoing renovations in the next couple of months.  New carpet (or refurbished cork from underneath) and wall paint for starters.   Repaved and striped parking lot. Self pickup for book holds.  Maybe rearranged/revised shelving.
    • A scheduling goal is to keep the library open as much as possible, just blocking off immediate areas of work.
  • Planning for our yearly election on March 10
    • Awaiting word from the librarian as to whether the meeting room will in fact be available.
    • If it is not, perhaps could meet at the park under the shade shelter.
    • In any case, need to know before finishing newsletter since it serves as the neighborhood-wide announcement of the meeting and election.
    • Existing officers, except for secretary, agreed to run for office again in the absence of others wanting/willing to do it.
    • Our current secretary, Scott Dayman, explained he feels obligated to come to the meetings to do the job, but expects the coming year will have too many other demands on his time.  But he will still help out when he can.
    • So, we need someone to run for the secretary position.  The other officers would welcome volunteers for their positions as well.   Are you willing?  Send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • City/School Board Election
    • Received flyers from the city for posting (we have nowhere to do that):
    • Reminding of the municipal election on March 6, and that the deadline to register is February 20.
    • A solicitation for poll workers for the March 6 and April 17 (runoff) elections.  Poll worker clerks get $80 for the 14-15 hour day, plus $25 if they take a training class ahead of time.  Call the City Clerk at 744-4124 if interested.
  • Anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Homeowners on Las Lunas have received a ballot from the city to approve/disapprove the installation of speed humps on their street.  No one seems to know how or when getting speed humps got initiated.  No one seems to have heard anything about it until the ballot showed up.  Did the city initiate it after the park plan with the pedestrian entrance at Las Lunas was approved (though it didn’t get put there because the power lines turned out to be too low)?  When was the traffic study done and what did it show?  Is Avocado, which needs humps the most, undergoing the process too?  Any other streets?   Will send a note to our councilman’s field rep to see if she can track down some answers.
    • Which streets were slurry sealed recently.
    • Some discussion of Pasadena schools, school board, and school board election.
    • Discussed the very friendly marble tabby on white male cat about 10 months old that appeared a few weeks ago and seems to have decided to make the west end of Del Vina his home.  And his more fully colored somewhat skittish apparent brother who showed up about a week later.  Probably more progeny of the big marble tabby male cat(s) that we’ve seen occasionally over the years.  But where did these youngsters come from, are they really homeless, and what to do about them?  (Pictures of these cats are posted here.  If you know anything about where they came from, or would like to adopt, please send an e-mail.)

Next meeting is March 10, same time, same place.

Adjourned about ?? (sorry, forgot to look at the clock)