September 8, 2007 Meeting Summary


E-mail reminder was sent to each member who has provided a contact e-mail address.
Susan Chu and Laura Ellersieck phoned other members on the phone contact list.


Susan brought a variety of cookies to eat.


12 members and 1 guest speaker


Agenda Items:

  • Activity north of Goodrich power substation
  • Edison fence
  • Pacific Theater closing / replacement
  • Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour
  • “Affordable” housing definition
  • E-Waste collection Sat Sept 15 9 am – 3 pm, Rose Bowl Parking Lot I
  • Bulky item pick-up
  • “Cocoa Mulch” warning
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • ice rink status
    • Allstate property
    • The “Stuart” apartment buildings

The meeting began about 11:20?

  • Activity north of Goodrich power substation
    • Received following information from PWP via Rhonda Stone
    • Site is being used to temporarily store
      • material and obsolete equipment that need to be salvaged
      • recently purchased equipment needed for the implementation of Capital projects
      • utility trucks needed to perform capital improvement projects throughout the City
    • “PWP has launched a major capital improvement projects (CIP) campaign to improve/rehabilitate the City’s aging electrical infrastructure.  The CIP implementation is  progressing faster than in the past.  The number of projects and our CIP expenditures have increased.  We have ordered more material, equipment and have contracted more work than in the past.  This CIP campaign presents tremendous challenges such as material and resource procurement, temporary storage and related security of equipment purchased and/or removed, availability of manpower to complete the work to meet the needs of the City.  In managing these challenges together, we will succeed.”
    • Equipment and material deliveries to this site are sporadic.
    • Trucks will typically leave this area early in the morning to report to their work location and return in the afternoon at the end of the work shift. PWP has instructed a contractor to repave the road- within the site, to add gravel and to wet the roads as needed to minimize dust.   PWP has reminded the truck drivers to drive slowly and responsibly as they enter and exit the site to minimize dust and noise.  Since there is no construction occurring north of the substation, there should be no construction noise.
    • A city contractor has been using the site to recycle soil removed on projects throughout the City.  The contractor has been instructed to find an alternate location and to stop recycling at this location.
    • A security contractor is now on site every day during the evening and early morning hours to prevent vandals from entering the Station and stealing copper wiring.  PWP has experienced several break-ins at the Station in the last three months and is very concerned that someone may get hurt during such break in.  The security contractor’s presence has been effective and has prevented further break-ins and reduces the risk for the potential loss of life.
    • Regarding the oil containment structure, it is to be built within the Goodrich power substation, around the transformers. All soils removed for this construction project will remain on site and will not be exported.
    • “No construction is on going or is planned North of the Goodrich site.”
  • Edison fence
    • Fence along Avocado just north of Del Vina (just south of oak tree) has been cut.
  • Pacific Theater closing / replacement
    • Pacific Theater now closed and will be demolished
    • Owner of land reportedly wants to lease to Babies R’ Us for a big box store
    • Bowling Alley is reportedly going to be refurbished and continue on
    • City planners reportedly pushing land owner to put together a long term concept plan for all its parcels in that area (theater, bowling alley, Ethan Allen, Trader Joe, Baker Square, and the big parking lot behind).
    • Councilman Haderlein reportedly said he is not in favor of turning the theater parcel into yet another box retail store.  Did not say if he said what he would like to see.
    • Noted by our meeting attendees that this leaves our area with no convenient theater, the nearest being the Arcadia mall or downtown Pasadena.  Also that the Pacific Theater was much more accessible to the elderly and non-wheelchair bound disabled because it did not require going up and down steps to get to seats like the stadium seating places do.
    • Discussed how the theater had been allowed to become run down in recent years.
    • In our meeting, question was raised as to whether former House of Pancakes property is owned by same owner.   Don’t know the answer.  And what is going in there.  Have heard it will be a Panera Bread.
  • Pasadena Marathon & Bike Tour
    • Israel Estrada, Executive Director of Pasadena Forward came to the meeting to talk to us about his organization’s mission of putting on a Pasadena Marathon (, answer questions, and request endorsement/support of the event by individuals and our association.
      • Pasadena Forward is a non-profit whose mission is to raise funds and provide support services to other non-profits.  The Marathon is the fund raising vehicle.
      • The Marathon will include the traditional 26 mile race but also a bike tour (not a bike race though bikes start first so they aren’t mixing with the runners).  Hoping to also include shorter run/walk race(s) within the larger route.
      • Planning is to hold the first marathon on a Sunday morning in October or November 2008.  Still working on figuring out the best date.  Expect to announce the date this November.
      • The route is still being worked out.  Trying to minimize traffic impacts while covering a wide area of Pasadena and going past numerous landmarks.  Expect it to start at some significant landmark on the west side of Pasadena, come across to the east side and end back on the west side.  Expect route will not be finalized until next spring.
      • First goal for event is to cover costs, second is to be able to award funds to other non-profits, beyond that is to be able to fund some awards, allow free 5K entry for residents.
      • Non-profits to be supported are to be picked are to be well known, well established, with a wide impact on the community.  They are being reviewed and picked by the board of Pasadena Forward.  The list of those to be supported in 2008 is to be released this November.
      • What does he mean by “endorsement” of the Marathon?  Endorsement of residents and/or association just indicates support for holding the event even though it may cause some inconvenience.  No donation is required.  Some copies of the endorsement form were distributed at our meeting.
      • Money raised so far is primarily from around 500 $80 memberships in a Founders Club (now closed to new members).  Members received a t-shirt, some discounts at local retailers, and will get a free marathon entry if the marathon happens.
      • The Marathon will soon be bringing out a “clothing line” as another fund raising vehicle.
    • After Mr. Estrada left, we discussed whether our Association should endorse the Marathon and the logistics of having our Association do so.
      • Our membership is every adult resident of the neighborhood.
      • Our draft by-laws address votes for officers, but not for issues.  They do state we will not contribute funds to causes (other organizations) but that is not at issue in this case since only an endorsement is requested.
      • Since we do not have an executive board authorized to decide and present a position of the association, there must be a vote of the membership.  Based on the procedure for electing officers, the membership must be notified at least a week ahead of time that the vote will be taking place and a majority vote of those voting is required.  Because we don’t have specific contact information for most residents, notification has been done by volunteers distributing flyers to all the residences.  Neighborhood Connections will print flyers for us (provided we don’t over request the service, which shouldn’t be a problem since our last one was last winter).
      • All past votes have occurred at a meeting, and that is what the draft by-laws call for in the election of officers. Our next meeting is October 13, which should be soon enough.   However because it is difficult for many people to get to meetings, we discussed whether we might hold this vote by alternate means.  Discussed that we’d previously rejected internet voting (at least exclusively) because many residents do not have internet access or are not comfortable using it.  Also discussed including a ballot on the flyers and putting a ballot box somewhere (such as the library, if it is willing).  We neglected to discuss the downsides of this method:
        • There can be multiple voting residents in a house, how would more then one vote?   If just anything can serve as a ballot there is no control at all on who is voting or how often.
        • Requiring name and address on a ballot makes it an open vote.  Maybe this vote isn’t sensitive enough for that to be problematic, but we will be establishing precedent.
        • An untended ballot box is subject to vandalism.
      • Those who spoke thought it would be a good idea not only to add our association’s name as a supporter of the Marathon but also because we’d be making the effort again to contact all our residents and let them know we exist.
      • Seemed to be agreement that we’d have a vote and distribute flyers with info on our association as well as the vote.  Several people volunteered to help with flyer distribution.
      • Details of exactly what goes on the flyer and logistics of the voting are still to be determined.  (If you are reading this and have suggestions or are willing to volunteer, send e-mail to [email protected])
  • Affordable housing definitions
    • The term “affordable housing” covers a wide spectrum of income levels.
      California’s Department of Housing and Community Development has determined area median income for L.A. County for 2007 for a family of four to be $56,500.
      Using that standard, here is what is called “affordable” in Pasadena for a family of four:
      • Extremely low income = 0%-30% of median income = 0 –$16,950.
      • Very Low income = 30%-50% = $16,950 — $28,250.
      • Low income = 50%-80% = $28,250 — $45,200.
      • Moderate income = 80%-120% = $45,200 — $67,800.
      • Workforce = 120%-180% = $67,800 — $101,700.
  • E-Waste collection Sat Sept 15 9 am – 3 pm, Rose Bowl Parking Lot I
    • Special collection by Pasadena Public Works
    • E-waste that qualifies includes computer monitors and parts, circuit boards, disk drives, TVs, printers, laptops, cell phones, VCRs, DVD players, fax machines, small household batteries, floppy disks, computer keyboards, satellite TV equipment and answering machines.
    • Microwaves will be accepted with a $5 fee.
  • Bulky item pick-up
    • Now two free per year.
    • Nominal fees apply for additional pickups, from $35 to $100, depending on the number of items.
    • For bulky item pickups, call 744‑4087 to schedule an appointment.
  • “Cocoa Mulch” warning
    • product made by Hershey’s
    • smells like chocolate, apparently made of cacao bean shells
    • sold by major retailers
    • advertised as keeping cats away
    • it is very toxic to both cats and dogs
    • some dogs are very attracted to it and will eat it and be poisoned
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • ice rink status
      • question was raised as to what is going on with the proposed ice rink.
      • Nothing has been heard about it since March except a comment by a councilman in a meeting a couple months ago that indicated financial issues.
      • It seems quite likely that the whole Edison right-of-way usage issue is also causing delay because of the need for access over the Edison land.
    • Allstate property
      • Question was raised about the Allstate property development.  Nothing further has been heard after the pre-plan review was pulled from the council agenda.  See July meeting summary for details.
    • The “Stuart” apartment buildings
      • Question was raised as to whether they are occupied, effect on traffic when they are.
      • Does not appear that many, if any, are occupied yet.  Someone who’s seen the rents being requested said they are in the $2000 to $3000 range – quite expensive.  And of course the market has gone bad just as they were to be ready.
      • Discussed the traffic mitigation measures planned by the city: Walnut and Kinneloa cut-thrus, additional signaled intersection at Foothill and Titley/PCC driveway, and right turn lane from east Foothill to south Sierra Madre Villa.  Discussed once upon a time idea of at least a lighted pedestrian crossing at Electronic and how the funds that might have gone there may now be expected to be used for Walnut-Kinneloa.   Might still be required as a future project mitigation measure.

Next meeting is October 13.

Adjourned shortly before 1 pm ?