October 11, 2008 Meeting Summary


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Agenda Items:

  • Ice Rink Construction path update
  • Edison/City fence along pedestrian path
  • Goodrich substation wall
  • Avocado Edison frontage problems
  • Crime alerts from Pasadena Police
  • Urgent Care Community Meeting
  • PWP light bulbs and rebates
  • Zoning Code rules meeting
  • PWP 20-year energy plan meeting
  • Regulatory Standards for Group Homes
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • former Allstate/now Cogent property iron fence
    • Replacement for Baker’s Square
    • Bowling Alley
    • Pacific Theater building
    • Post Office moving?
    • Building at triangle corner of Sierra Madre Villa and Rosemead

The meeting began about 11:18 am

  • Ice Rink Construction path update
    • Word from Councilman’s rep is they are “fairly confident” that construction will be routed via PCC and not the park.
  • Edison/City fence along pedestrian path
    • chain link fence was erected roughly along the City/Edison property line south of the park. This puts it immediately east of the temporary pedestrian path.
    • do not know whether fence erected by city or by Edison
  • Goodrich substation wall
    • Goodrich power substation is located at 3005 Foothill.  Just west of power lines adjacent to PCC parking lot.
    • PWP has applied for a permit to build a 12 foot wall on the east, north, and west property lines, connecting to the existing wall on the south side (seen along Foothill).
    • CUP hearing is Oct 15, 6 pm, at the Permit Center
  • Avocado Edison frontage problems
    • It is reported that since the sign and camera went up on Avocado near Del Vina most of the trash dumping and other undesirable activities have ceased.
  • Crime alerts from Pasadena Police
    • These are reported recent trends in all of Pasadena, not specifically our area
    • Increased garage burglaries where locks were cut with bolt cutters, as well as burglaries of unlocked garages.  Bicycles and tools seemed to be main items taken.
    • Thefts of items delivered and left on porches.  This is happening in Sierra Madre and Arcadia also.
    • Distraction schemes, usually targeting elderly, where a “sales” person or persons comes to door and while talking to the resident requests a pen, glass of water, or something else.  When the resident goes to get that without closing and locking their door, the “sales” person enters.
    • A rash of car burglaries at Eaton Canyon Nature Center and near the Rose Bowl.  Since a couple of suspects were arrested, the rates are down 25 to 30%, but it is still a problem.  Remember to remove anything visible from inside the vehicle and lock the vehicle, even when parked in front of your house.
    • Fuel thefts from vehicles are happening.  Including breaking into the vehicle to unlock the gas door.  A locking gas cap is recommended.  (Though they won’t know you have a locking cap until they’ve gotten the gas door open.)
  • Urgent Care Community Meeting
    • Gene Masuda of the Eaton Blanche Neighborhood Association reports that the city has decided not to go ahead with locating an Urgent Care center at 3160 Del Mar (between Eaton Blanch Park and the Edison power lines, just east of where Kinneloa hits Del Mar).  He says the city is again studying other possible sites.
    • He said he asked the Mayor to come speak at a Community Meeting regarding Urgent Care, and the Mayor agreed.
    • So, a Community Meeting about Urgent Care is scheduled for October 23, at 6:30 pm.  The location is still being determined.  It might be at PCC-CEC (Foothill and Santa Paula), or at Pasadena High School, or somewhere else.  Will post the details when they become available.
    • Masuda is contacting all the neighborhood associations for permission to be listed as “co-hosts” on the flyer.  We agreed to that.
  • PWP light bulbs and rebates
    • light bulbs
      • PWP supposedly mailed a box containing two CFL (twisty fluorescent) light bulbs to every PWP customer.
      • The box also contains a form to fill out to receive free of charge (including free shipping) up to $75 of various types of CFL bulbs.  You have until the end of the year to take advantage of the offer.
      • If you misplaced the form, you can also place your order online at
        You need to have your PWP account number
      • Alternatively you can call 866-807-1544 to place the order by phone.  But it really helps to have the flyer that was in the box that gives details on all the types of bulbs.
    • rebates
      • There are some new rebates available from Pasadena Water and Power and some changes you may not have been aware of.
      • Check out the web page at http://cityofpasadena.net/waterandpower/Rebates/default.asp
      • Water
        • High-Efficiency (HEW) Clothes Washer Rebate   – $225
        • High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate   – $265
        • HET Upgrade (replacing a 1.6 gpf or new construction) – $60
        • Weather Based Irrigation Controller Rebate – $120
        • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzle Rebate – $5
      • Electricity
        • Energy Star Qualified Refrigerator $100 to $150
        • Refrigerator Recycling Bonus $25
        • Freezer Recycling Bonus $35
        • Energy Star Qualified Ceiling Fan with CFLs $40 to $50
        • Energy Star Qualified CFLs $75 per household
        • Energy Star Qualified Room Air Conditioner $50 to $75
        • High Efficiency Central Air Conditioner $100 to $150 per ton
        • Solar-Powered Attic/Roof Fan $90 to $100
        • Energy Star Qualified Skylight & Light Tubes $175 to $200
        • Energy Star Qualified Dual Pane Windows and Doors $2 to $2.50 per square foot
        • Window Sun Shade Screens 60¢ to 75¢ per square foot
        • Efficient Pool Pump up to $250 Shade Tree up to $50 per tree
        • Solar PV System up to $3.50 per watt
  • Zoning Code rules meeting
    • Thursday October 23, 6 – 8 pm
      Victory Park Center, 2575 Paloma St.
    • One of three public meetings hosted by the Planning and Development Dept to discuss potential new Zoning Code rules for maximum house size, lot coverage, setbacks and height.
    • http://www.ci.pasadena.ca.us/planning/deptorg/curplng/SingleFamilyUpdates/sfr_Home.asp
    • Although it does not mention it in the Pasadena In Focus announcement, the website mentions that “area of analysis is expected to focus primarily on large non-hillside properties in single-family zones”.  Since we have relatively small lots in our neighborhood, it might not affect us.  But your president never got a response to her query about this.
  • PWP 20-year energy plan meeting
    • Wednesday October 15, 6:30 pm
      City Council Chambers, Pasadena City Hall
    • Pasadena Water and Power is working on a new 20 year plan for how much power will be needed and where it will come from.  This is called an Integrated Resource Plan.
    • This is one of several meetings for the public to provide their input.
  • Regulatory Standards for Group Homes
    • The topic of a presentation by an Assistant City Attorney after an introduction by the Director of Planning and Development.
    • At a special meeting of the Code Enforcement Commission to be held at
      Victory Park , Multipurpose Room 3
      Thursday October 16, 6 pm
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • former Allstate/now Cogent property iron fence
      • There is now an iron fence undulating back and forth around the entire property to keep pedestrians as well as cars out.
      • Must have spent a lot of money on installation, but not on aesthetic design.
      • Provides an indication that the company no longer plans to tear everything down for new construction, at least in the near future.  They are actively using at least the greenish/yellow stucco building on Sierra Madre Villa.
    • Replacement for Baker’s Square
      • Attendee noticed there is now a sign up at the former Baker’s Square building indicating a Fireside Grill will be moving there.
    • Bowling Alley
      • The previously noted renovation is visibly underway.
    • Pacific Theater building
      • No news and no evidence of exterior changes.  Additional security presence has been noted.
    • Post Office moving?
      • An attendee saw something about our local Post Office moving to a location near Target.  No specifics on the location.  Post Office employees did not have any further information.  We know that when mail distribution was moved to Lincoln Ave, the Post Office said they would be looking for a smaller location to house the remaining retail service and post office boxes.
    • Building at triangle corner of Sierra Madre Villa and Rosemead
      • There is a new for lease sign up at the corner of Sierra Madre Villa and Rosemead.  An attendee was asking about the picture on the sign and whether there were plans to change the building.  None are known.  The building was sold to a new owner recently.  The picture appears to just be the logo of the building management/owner rather then having any direct relationship to the building.

Next meeting is November 8, 2008.

Adjourned about 12 pm