December 12, 2009 Meeting Summary


E-mail reminder was sent and some phone calls were made


Susan brought scones.


5 members


Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:20 am

  • Park – new pedestrian path
    • Some people have been parking their cars and using the new path to access the park.  Particularly on weekends.  Immediate neighbors are interested in getting additional parking restrictions. What are the options and what are the requirements to qualify?
    • There is one illegal usage by a dog rescue person who parks a large RV adjacent to the gate and removes portions of the vinyl fence to access the Edison area to exercise a large number of large dogs.
    • An increased number of used condoms and broken beer bottles has been noted on the west side of Avocado between Del Vina and Las Lunas; however there is no reason to believe this activity is related to the park entrance.  That litter could have come from activity there or been dumped by passing vehicles.  That area is posted for No Parking at any time and anyone observing cars parked in that area, especially late at night, should call the police to investigate.
  • Alameda issues status
    • Kim reports that after quite a bit of effort the speed humps have been approved for Alameda.  It is anticipated they will be installed in the March / April time frame.
    • The dump trucks are still gone.  Electric trucks are still running.
    • No further news on the house at 3175 Alameda.
  • Police Dept electronic communications service (NIXLE)
    • The police department has contracted with new free service for sending e-mail or text messages to those who sign up.  They say it will “provide the community with greater information regarding the police department, crime trends, meetings, press releases, etc.”  They call this one of their new “e-policing” strategies.
    • To sign up, go to and click on “Sign Up Now…”  After entering entering a user name and password, e-mail and/or phone number, you will be asked for a street address or intersection.  It then will automatically subscribe you for messages from the policing agency for that area.  You can add additional addresses/intersections to get messages from agencies serving other areas.  There are a few additional agencies/organizations you can subscribe to messages from.
    • Note that the privacy policy for the nixle web site says that they will share your information with whatever organizations you subscribe to for messages.
    • You can also see the all the messages without signing up by just going to the web site and typing in the city of interest (note if you type the whole name it does not recognize it; let it complete the name for you.) Of course, you won’t be notified of new messages without signing up.
    • So far the Pasadena messages are of little importance.  However, the LA Sheriff’s department was issuing updates on the Station Fire during that time.
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Bowling Alley parking traffic problem
      • On the east side of the newly remodeled bowling alley there seems to be less space to pass through then before.
      • Long vehicles are making it especially dangerous for cars leaving parking spaces and vehicles passing through.
      • Also an issue with handicapped parking?
      • Did this parking arrangement have to get approvals? What, if anything, can be done to remedy the situation now?
    • Vons at Colorado & Sierra Madre Blvd closure?
      • Design for replacement buildings goes to final design review next week, so it seems to be on schedule for the markets to be closed after the New Year and demolition and construction to begin.
      • New design has very large Vons building on north of lot with three smaller shops buildings along Colorado. Smaller parking area between shops and Vons on south side and parking on roof of new Vons building.
      • New design will not leave any room for the parade viewing stands that have traditionally been in the parking lot along Colorado.

Next meeting is January 9, 2010, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library

Adjourned about 12:10 pm