January 9, 2010 Meeting Summary


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Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:22 am

  • Signal on Foothill at Santa Paula
    • All the signals and related posts were removed last week from the intersection of Foothill and Santa Paula, and a folding sign placed in the street on Santa Paula prohibiting turning left onto Foothill.
    • Having had no prior notice of any such plans, an inquiry was made.
    • We are told by the city’s chief engineer that:
      • The requirements for the Walnut and Kinneloa extension project call for removing the signal at Foothill & Santa Paula, but also require that it not be removed until the new signals that are to be put in at Foothill & Titley and Walnut & Kinneloa are in full operation.
      • As a result, the contractor “is currently working on re-installing the signal” and it is to be in operation again “early next week”.
      • “We plan on meeting with the East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association prior to any additional work at the intersection of Santa Paula and Foothill to discuss the traffic signal, the revised striping plan for Foothill Boulevard and an update on the construction project schedule.”
    • What concerns do we have with the permanent removal of the Foothill & Santa Paula signals and additional of signals at Foothill & Titley?
      • Will left turns from Santa Paula to Foothill be allowed?  While it is true that it is probably easier in general to exit our neighborhood onto Sierra Madre Villa if one plans to go east on Foothill or south on Sierra Madre Villa, should left turns from Santa Paula be banned?
      • Will westbound traffic stopped by the signal at Titley back up past Santa Paula and thus prevent vehicles from turning left from eastbound Foothill onto Santa Paula?  Of course cars are supposed to leave a gap, but…  The ability to left turn from eastbound Foothill onto Santa Paula is very important to neighborhood residents to avoid a lengthy and time consuming journey to enter via Sierra Madre Villa.
      • Will the loss of pedestrian crossing controls for Foothill at Santa Paula be problematic given that there will (presumably) be crossing provided at Titley?  It would cause residents crossing to access the bus stop to have to go further and double back.  Also longer to Gold Line station if taking advantage of shadier walk on south side of Foothill.
      • Already problems with college kids crossing Santa Paula without paying attention to traffic (or signal).
      • After removal of signal it was noted that it is really dark on Santa Paula as approach Foothill.  Was a street light also removed?   City should look at whether a street light is needed.
  • Titley Ave name change
    • We have learned that as part of the Kinneloa extension project, Public Works at some point decided to change the name of the last remnant of Titley Ave (between the freeway and Foothill) to Kinneloa Ave so as to reduce potential confusion of the street name being different on opposite sides of the freeway.
    • This is historically confusing because it seems the little stub of a street to the west (where the statuary/pottery place is) was the northern terminus of Kinneloa Ave prior to the freeway being built.
    • The name Titley has some historic significance, but the details of that history are hazy.
      • Early last century there was an area referred to as Titleyville.  The extent of the area given that moniker is not clear.
      • Albert remembers Titley as a dirt street that never went south beyond the railroad tracks.
      • Albert remembers a small grocery store on the south east corner of Foothill and Titley run by an Anglo named something like Powell.  There were some bungalows for rent behind it.
      • It was mentioned some years ago that a 1915 map shows Titley Ave also running north of Foothill through what is currently PCC-CEC and on north about where Avocado Lane is now.
      • What do other old timers of the neighborhood remember?
    • Someone has apparently already asked what is to happen to the street signs.  Our council member’s field representative has requested that Public Works not dispose of the Titley signage.  The city’s chief engineer said the street signs would be delivered to the Public Works yard.
  • Park path issues?
    • Any new/continuing problems?  Meeting attendees had nothing to report except that the path seems to be holding  up well so far.
    • Still need to follow up on what is required to get parking restrictions
  • Replacement of Vons/Rite Aid at Colorado & Sierra Madre Blvd
    • The project, which will tear down the existing buildings and build a giant new Vons building plus three smaller satellite buildings, passed final Design Commission review in December.  But a change of design was directed by the Vons corporate office to move the elevator shaft for the roof top parking so as to have better site lines inside the store.  As a result the project is going back to the Design Commission next week to get their approval.
    • A Rite Aid employee said on Thursday that they will be closing in March.  Also overheard something about closing down for a week to take inventory and then reopening for a short while before closing permanently.  Presumably a clearance sale will be taking place.
    • Brought up at our meeting is what will happen with prescriptions at the Vons pharmacy (or for that matter the Rite Aid).  Presumably prescription holders will get some communication prior to the closing.  (Subsequent to our meeting, Amelia spoke to the pharmacist and learned that they will move the pharmacy across the street to rented space until the new Vons is completed and opened.)
    • Attendees noted how much they prefer this Vons location and layout vs the one on Washington & Allen and vs. our nearby Ralphs.  This Vons has had much better parking, including availability of handicapped parking, more courteous and helpful employees.  So it will be very missed while closed and may not be as well considered when its huge replacement opens.
  • Local crimes
    • Reported in the Pasadena Star News in mid December there was a robbery at gunpoint of two Eaton Canyon hikers at a vehicle turnout on Altadena Drive.  It sounds like it was just where Altadena Drive first turns from north to westerly.  Robbers fled on foot and were not found.
  • Annual newsletter planning
    • It is time again to put together a newsletter and distribute it to all the neighborhood residences, to be followed by our annual election of officers in March.
    • What should the newsletter cover this year?  Introduction to association (for newcomers or those who haven’t noticed yet), up to date info on Santa Paula and Titley/Kinneloa intersections, Alameda speed humps, Vons+RiteAid closing and pharmacy move, ice rink project demise, new pedestrian path, SMV/Foothill condos delay all possibilities.
    • Who volunteers to help with distribution?
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Former Allstate Building
      • This is the red brick building on Sierra Madre Villa on property Cogent now occupies.  Boarded up windows facing Sierra Madre Villa have been fixed and graffiti removed. Wondering if building might finally get used.
    • Non-Developments
      • We discussed various houses that seem to be abandoned, are empty, for sale.
      • Discussed that there is no news of plans for former Hastings Pacific Theater, or the former “Gentlemen’s Club” located on Foothill across from Ralphs.
      • Discussed some concrete embedded graffiti on sidewalk next to bus stop next to PCC-CEC that has been there at least 6 months.
    • Mt Wilson trial
      • The Mt Wilson trail from Sierra Madre was closed in mid December due to slides.  Anyone know the current status of that trail or the one from Eaton Canyon?  No one at meeting knew anything.

Next meeting is February 13, 2010, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library

Adjourned about 12:20 but kept talking to 12:45 pm