August 11, 2012 Meeting Summary


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Kathy hosted and also provided cookies and cold water.


Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:27 am

  • Street Tree replacement notices
    • Last week many residences in the neighborhood received notices on the door or mailbox of the city’s intent to plant replacement street trees this fall.  Even some places that have not had a tree in more then a decade received notices.
    • If you look at the curbs, you will see vertical white paint marks where the city thinks a tree should go.
    • There are some places that normally would have a tree which are not marked / noticed.  Some of those seem to have been left out because the curb and gutter still need to be repaired.  Others because the homeowner has put in landscaping that doesn’t leave any place for a street tree to be.
    • Some residents have called the number on the notice, 626 744-3846, to request that no street tree be put in.  In the cases we are aware of, that request has been readily honored with a statement that they will be “taken off the list”.  If your parkway is targeted for a tree you really don’t want, call the number and tell them as soon as possible.  That way the city and the donors of trees won’t waste money on procuring an unneeded tree or doing further planning for your location.
    • It is possible that not all of our streets have been scheduled for replacement trees.  If you think you should have a replacement tree but you didn’t receive notice and your curb is not marked, check with your neighbors who are missing a street tree and/or call 626 744-3846.
    • The city’s notice letter also offers homeowners the option to pay for a larger tree to be planted, $300 for a 24″ box, $700 for a 36″ box.  If anyone scheduled for tree replacement wants to do that, call 626-744-3846 as soon as possible.
  • Local crime summary
    • Meeting attendees reported that there was a SWAT raid on a house on Santa Paula just south of Estado in the early morning (like 4 am) of Wednesday August 1.  For many months neighborhood residents have suspected there was drug activity going on there, and it is believed that activity was the cause of the raid.  There is also a rumor that the authorities were also looking at elder abuse because the father has been living in a camper on the driveway for a long time.  There were indications afterwards that the city sent a CRASH team in, which in addition to police would include code enforcement, health dept, animal control, and maybe others.
    • From
      • Sunday August 5, 15:32 pm, Grand Theft Auto, 3100 block East Orange Grove, might be from park
      • Monday July 30, 7:16 pm, Burglary, 3200 block E Foothill Blvd
      • Tuesday July 24, 5:42 pm, Vehicle Burglary, 3200 block E Foothill Blvd
      • Wednesday July 18, 9:47 am, Grand Theft, 3200 block E Foothill Blvd
      • No residential burglaries in our neighborhood or immediately surrounding neighborhoods the past month.
      • Five vehicle break-in/thefts near the 24 hour Fitness on Halstead.
  • Edison hi-tension wires work underway
    • Preliminary work on the tower west of Del Vina Street was observed on Thursday morning.  It appeared they were replacing one of the vertical members of the structure.
    • Homeowners near the lines should be receiving a letter from Edison explaining that contractors will be installing the new transmission line between the Goodrich Substation (next to us on Foothill) and a substation in La Canada Flintridge between September 1 and November 30.
    • The letter says that construction times will be Monday through Saturday beginning at 7 am and through the daylight hours.
    • The new line will be strung on the east side of the western rank of towers.
    • The letter says that if you have questions about the “work or other project-related activities in your neighborhood” to contact them at the project hotline (877) 795-8787 or visit their website
  • City of Pasadena sales tax or bond measure?
    • The City Council decided not to put a sales tax or bond measure on the November ballot.  They realized there hasn’t been sufficient research and preparation of exactly what would be in either kind of measure and a lack of community outreach.
    • They have until early December to decide whether to put either on the March 2013 ballot.
    • Other then holding a special election, the next opportunity after that would be in 2014.
    • The Council talked about putting together a special committee of people to study what to include in a measure based on a combination of need and what voters are likely to approve.  If the committee ends up recommending some kind of measure and the Council approves it, then the committee members would be expected to help drum up voter support.
  • September meeting location
    • Hastings Branch Library will be closed from August 6 to October 1.
    • Where will we meet in September?  We’ll make the decision closer to that time.  Several people have offered to host.  If we’re going to meet outside and it is going to be hot again, we’ll move the start time to 9:30 am.
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Curb address painting
      • On Thursday, notices were left on doors in our neighborhood regarding “Curb Address Service” from an organization called “Canning Hunger”.
      • This is legit.  It is the only organization the City has licensed to paint the numbers on our curbs.
      • You will be asked for a donation, but there is no obligation to give one.  If you do wish to donate when someone comes to your door to request it, check their Canning Hunger picture ID to be sure they are not someone just taking advantage of the opportunity.
    • Community Emergency Response Training class in Burbank
      • Looking for a CERT class or interesting in refreshing some or all of the CERT modules?
      • “(CERT) training is designed to teach self-sufficiency in the event of a catastrophic disaster.”
      • Burbank Fire Department has a CERT class beginning on September 29.
      • The class will be held in four full day sessions on non-consecutive Saturdays: Sept 29, Oct 6, 20, 27.
      • There is a $50 fee which must be paid at the time of registration.  That fee includes a CERT backpack, CERT related personal protective equipment, and CERT manual.  $20 of the fee is refundable upon successful completion of the course and issuance of a Certificate of Completion.
      • The classes will be held at Burbank’s Fire Training Facility – their Fire Academy.  You’ll go through some of the same drills their firefighters and volunteer corps go through.
      • For more information, online registration, and/or online study, go to:
      • This information has been brought to our attention by our neighbor Alexander Perez.
        • He asks that you let him know if you register for the class, and then let him know if you complete the class and whether you took it for the first time or used it for refreshing your knowledge.
        • His e-mail address is: [email protected]
        • He says “You won’t regret the decision to participate, and you’ll be much better prepared to take care of yourself and your family.”
    • Local emergency and disaster supply store
      • Alex also sends word that an emergency and disaster supply store has just opened very near to us.
      • “The store is run by Altadena Cert members Bud and Nancee Darling. They saw the need for our area and are hoping to be the resource for CERT, EMS, disaster prep, etc in our area. They will also be having educational seminars, etc.”
        • Safe N’ Ready
          245 S. Rosemead Blvd

Next meeting is September 8, 2012, 11:15 am, at ???

Adjourned about 12 pm