March 9, 2013 Meeting Summary


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9 members


Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:25 am

  • Annual Association Election
    • Our annual election of officers took place at this meeting.
    • The annual printed newsletter was distributed to all neighborhood residences starting on February 22.  Thank you to Susan C., Linda S., Desiree, and Laura E.  If you missed seeing it, it is also online at
    • Vinnie Torres chose not to run again for Treasurer this year due to his time being over-committed elsewhere.  Thank you for his service the past two years.
    • Rosalie Gonzales volunteered to run for the position of Treasurer again.
    • 9 ballots were submitted.  Results were:
      • President
        • Laura Ellersieck – 9
      • Vice-President
        • Kathy Vacio – 9
      • Secretary
        • vacant
      • Treasurer
        • Rosalie Gonzales – 9
  • Map Your Neighborhood disaster response program
    • We received a presentation about Map Your Neighborhood, a program to help neighborhoods prepare for disasters.
    • Alex Perez is a resident of our neighborhood who has been trained through the Red Cross as a facilitator/presenter for the program.  In addition to promoting the program more generally for Pasadena, he is in the process of getting the program going on his block, Las Lunas.
    • The program was put together in Washington State but has been taken up by the Red Cross and is in the process of being promoted by the Pasadena Fire Department.
    • If you are interested in setting up the program for your block, you are invited to contact Alex Perez for information at [email protected].
  • Missing/Damaged street signs
    • Noreen Sullivan, Council District 4 Field Representative, checked for us into when the missing/damaged street signs would be replaced/fixed.
    • From the response, it seems as if Public Works had completely forgotten about the issue.  The respondent claimed they were unaware of the missing signs and attributed everything to “vandalism”.
    • The note said replacements would be ordered with expected arrival in 4-6 weeks.  Didn’t say when they’d be installed.
  • Kaiser Parking
    • The current timeline for completion of the Kaiser Parking structure construction as well as the adjacent surface parking was obtained in an e-mail exchange with Kaiser’s Director of Government and Community Relations.
    • This construction is happening behind the Kaiser Medical Offices on the southwest corner of Sierra Madre Villa and Foothill Blvd. and causing some car backups on Sierra Madre Villa and perhaps Foothill.
    • The parking structure is now supposed to be finished by early August.
    • Once the structure is finished, employees and members will be able to park in the structure.
    • But once the structure is finished, work will begin on reconfiguring the surface parking to the east of the structure.  This means there will still be disruptions to traffic flow and some building employees may still be parking offsite.
    • All construction is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
    • We also discussed in the e-mail exchange the issue of Kaiser employees parking in our neighborhood.  She said she would forward the information about where they are parking to the project team and medical office administrators.  (No evidence it has made any difference in the 3 weeks since.)
  • Local Crime Summary
    • For the last month, from
      • Friday Feb 8, 2:22 pm, Petty Theft, 600 block Sierra Madre Villa
      • Saturday Feb 9, 3:56 pm, Residential Burglary, 3200 block Alameda St
      • Saturday Feb 23, 10:52 am, Malicious Mischief Misdemeanor Vandalism, Alameda/Sierra Madre Villa
      • There were two residential burglaries just north of us on Lomora and Paloma on Feb 13 and 23.
      • Lower Hastings had two residential burglaries on Feb 19 and 22.
      • In Upper Hastings and Kinneloa Mesa there were 4 residential burglaries in mid February.
  • Library Garden Spruce-Up, Sat March 16, 9-12
    • Volunteers will gather at Hastings Branch library the morning of Saturday March 16 from 9 am to 12 noon to work on sprucing up the Butterfly Garden and other planting areas.
    • There will be new plants to be planted.
    • The Teak benches will be sanded and re-oiled.
    • New mulch will be spread wherever needed.
    • If you’d like to help, just show up.  Wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and gloves.
    • If you can bring rakes, trowels, shovels, that could be helpful.
  • Assembly District office located on Rosemead
    • The new 41st District Assembly member, Chris Holden, is establishing his District Office at 600 N. Rosemead, Suite 117.
    • That is on the cliff side of the street about 4 buildings south of the intersection with Sierra Madre Villa.
    • The office will host an Open House on Saturday March 16 from 2 – 5 pm.
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss

Next meeting is April 13, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library

Adjourned about 12:20 pm