2014 Newsletter

The Grapevine

No. 9        News from East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association       February 24, 2014

Voting time again!

Please vote in our Association’s annual election of officers at our Saturday March 8 meeting, held at Hastings Branch Library from 11:15 am to 12:45 pm.

Officer positions are:

President – chair meetings; officially represent the association to external parties

Vice President – support and act in place of President or Secretary as needed

Secretary – publicize meetings; record and distribute meeting minutes; maintain contact list.

Treasurer – receive, keep safe, track, report on, and disburse Association funds. (So far the Association has never had any funds.)

Nominations for willing candidates may be made via e-mail [email protected] or phone 626 792-2927 by March 6. Please provide the name, address, and a contact e-mail and/or phone number for the candidate.

The “Neighborhood Association”

soccermapAnyone age 18 and above who lives within the boundaries is automatically a member of East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association. The boundaries are from Foothill Blvd. north to the south side of Orange Grove Blvd, and from Eaton Wash east to Sierra Madre Villa Ave. There are no membership dues.

The Neighborhood Association mission is to help improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  It does this by:

  • helping us get to know and communicate with each other,
  • keeping us informed of local developments and issues affecting the neighborhood,
  • helping us work together to safeguard and improve our neighborhood,
  • providing an avenue for organized feedback and input to the city.

Meetings: Second Saturday of each month at 11:15 am at Hastings Branch Library.

Can’t make meetings? That’s ok. Sign up for e-mail and you’ll receive the meeting summary each month, and an occasional message when something comes up between meetings. We won’t share your e-mail address with anybody.

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: https://eewna.org

Construction SE crnr SMV & Foothill

The development of 212 residential units on the southeast corner of Foothill Blvd and Sierra Madre Villa Ave is underway again.

The development agreement with the city was originally approved in 2007, but then the recession caused problems for the developer. In 2009, the original parcel and project were split so the A Noise Within theater project could go forward while the corner development was delayed. In late 2012 the corner property was sold to a different developer.

The new developer has revived the original plan and is finishing the process of getting design approval and all the permits. The 212 units are to be in buildings totaling about 237,706 square feet, with mostly underground parking.

They are required to provide a pedestrian path from the Gold Line parking structure to Foothill Blvd, between the new buildings and the theater.

Kaiser opens Urgent Care facility

On February 19, Kaiser Permanente opened an Urgent Care facility for its members in the medical offices located on the southwest corner of Sierra Madre Villa Ave. and Foothill Blvd. Open 8 am – 10 pm daily. This is great for Kaiser members but can’t help but increase traffic to some degree.

If you observe any particular problems with operations by Kaiser at this facility, let us know so we can discuss it with them. Their administrators want to be good neighbors.

Dog Park and Soccer Field Proposal

In June we learned that the city had changed its planning for a youth soccer facility south of the dog park (mentioned in last year’s newsletter).

The new concept plan put the soccer field and a half field practice area where the off leash dog area is now. The dog area would be moved to the south.

A large amount of additional parking would be built under the power lines adjacent to the new dog area. Vehicle access would continue to be only from Orange Grove Blvd and a signal would be added there.

The soccer field would be artificial turf. It, and the parking areas, would be lighted until after the closing time.

As of early June, this concept plan had not been approved by Edison or any city entity, had no funding, and was expected to be at least several years away from happening, if ever. There has been no news about it since.

Edison Power Line Corridor

Two wholesale plant nurseries are reportedly applying for permits to operate on currently empty parcels under the Edison wires (but not next to us). One would use the former Persson’s location north of Sierra Madre Blvd and also the properties between Sierra Madre Blvd and Orange Grove Blvd. The other would take the lot on Kinneloa directly south of Present Perfect nursery.

Water Use Restrictions

Pasadena Water & Power is reportedly stepping up enforcement of the permanent water waste ordinance. These are rules that are in effect all the time, not just when a shortage has been declared (as may occur soon). Here is a reminder of the permanent rules for residents:

  • No outdoor watering from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The only exceptions are using a hand-held container, a hose with a shut-off nozzle, or while a sprinkler system is actively being adjusted. (No exception for hose-end sprinklers.)
  • No outdoor watering when it is rainy.
  • No “excessive” water flow or runoff from watering.
  • Vehicles must be washed only with a bucket and/or hose with a shut-off nozzle.
  • Pavement can only be washed down for safety or sanitation. Only a bucket or hose with a shut-off nozzle may be used.
  • Fountains and water features must have a re-circulating water system.
  • Property owners must fix leaks, breaks, or malfunctions when found, or within seven days of receiving a notice from Pasadena Water and Power.

When they refer to a hose with a “shut-off” nozzle, they really mean a nozzle that will automatically shut-off if you aren’t actively pressing a handle to keep it on.

Free Mulch

The city is giving away to residents mulch made from street tree trimmings. It is available in the southeast corner of the parking lot at Victory Park, while supplies last, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

New loads will be delivered on March 14, April 11, May 9, June 6, July 18, August 1, September 12, and October 10. Bring your own shovels and containers.

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