May 9, 2015 Meeting Summary


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The meeting began about 11:26 am

  • Mansionization control? – Community Meetings
    • As noted previously, the City Council directed City Planning staff to hold meetings and figure out which residential neighborhoods want additional regulations to limit size and/or style of houses and, if so, what those regulations should be.
    • City planning staff have held three Community Meetings so far, and cancelled the April 30 meeting after discovering that more space and a format change was needed.
    • These meetings are now being held in an “open format”.
      • Instead of having everybody sit and listen to a presentation, they have handouts and multiple displays.
      • With this meeting format you don’t have to rush to be there at the start time and can leave as soon as you’re ready.
      • There are lots of planning staff to talk to one on one.  You can learn more about the current regulations and express your concerns and/or ideas.
      • You can also fill in big post it notes and/or cards with your comments.
    • Whether or not you attend a meeting, if there is a house you’ve seen that you have particular issues with, take one or more pictures of it and write down its address, what bothers you about it, and any ideas you have for future regulations that could be applied to all future development in that neighborhood or all neighborhoods.   Take it to a meeting to aid discussion and/or e-mail it to one of the city’s planners listed below.
    • Here is the list of new meetings that haven’t happened yet:
      • Tuesday May 12, 6 – 8 pm
        Madison Elementary School Auditorium
        515 Ashtabula St.
      • Wednesday May 20, 6 – 8 pm
        Jefferson Elementary School
        1500 E. Villa St.
      • Thursday May 21, 6 – 8 pm
        Armenian General Benevolent Union
        2495 E. Mountain St.
      • Thursday June 11, 6 – 8 pm
        Westridge School Braun Center
        324 Madeline Dr.
    • Questions or comments can be sent to:
  • E-Waste, Shredding, & Compost event – May 23
    • Pasadena Public Works is holding another electronic waste collection, document shredding, and (for the first time) compost giveaway.
      • Saturday May 23
      • 9 am – 3 pm
      • Parking Lot I, 360 N. Arroyo Blvd (on the south side of the road, south of the Rose Bowl)
    • Open for free to Pasadena residents and businesses
    • “Shredding trucks, e-waste collection sites and compost piles will be arranged at different stations”
    • Paper shredding of up to five legal-size boxes.
    • The compost is “organic waste from commercial and residential sources throughout the city”. (Notice it is compost, not mulch!)
    • Up to 30 gallons of compost can be taken using your own shovel and container(s).  While supplies last.
    • Here is the press release.
    • Other e-waste options:
        • Bev wanted to let everyone know that you don’t have to wait for these events to get rid of many e-waste items.
        • The LSS Community Care Center at Daisy Ave and Nina Street collects e-waste items all the time.
        • She said that it’s best to call first, 626-564-0191, to make sure someone is there to unlock the gate.
        • They close for lunch, and may or may not be able to help you unload.
      • Also note that you can still deposit your used batteries and dead compact fluorescent lights in collection bins just inside the north door of Hastings Branch library.  (Sometimes there are bags available, sometimes not, but please put each type in a plastic bag first.)
      • All kinds of fluorescent light bulbs, including tubes, should still be accepted for recycling by OSH. Just take them to the customer service desk.
  • Waterwise Landscape classes
    • Pasadena Water & Power is sponsoring free drought-tolerant landscaping workshops, some in English and some in Spanish.
    • Registration is required (see below for website and phone number).
    • The workshop is described as
      • providing “in-depth information for converting high water-use conventional lawns into beautiful drought tolerant landscapes. It will provide a variety of landscape options in a number of different styles, including for parkways.
        Participants will learn the steps required to convert a traditional lawn to a low water-use landscape, including:
        • how to remove grass;
        • designing the landscape;
        • choosing plants and landscape materials;
        • proper plant installation;
        • irrigation principles and options;
        • maintaining the landscape;
        • and the resources available: rebates, free mulch and more.
      • Participants will receive detailed information on various species (flowering herbaceous plants, trees, shrubs) that work best in residential landscapes.”
    • The next English language workshop is on Saturday June 27. (The one on May 30 is already full, so register early)
      • June 27, 9 am – noon
        The Shed at La Loma Development Company
        1355 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103
    • There is a Spanish language workshop on May 16, 10 am – 12 pm.
    • For registration and up to date information:
    • PWP is promising additional monthly workshops through September.
  • Pasadena Energy Roadmap Event – May 13
    • The last in a three part series about where Pasadena gets its electricity now and in the future.
      • Wednesday May 13, 2015
      • 6 – 9 pm
      • Chandler School in the Ahmanson Center
        1005 Armada Dr., Pasadena, CA 91103
    • Pasadena Water & Power “will present five different examples how much renewable and conventional energy would make up Pasadena’s power supply mix for the next 20 years.”
    • “Admission is FREE but RSVPs are required as seating is limited.”
    • “RSVP to 626-744-6970 or submit a request online”
  • CicLAvia in Pasadena May 31
    • Car-free open streets event (walk, bike, skate) will be in Pasadena on Sunday May 31, 9 am to 4 pm.
    • Website, including a map:
    • Route/event locations include:
      • Colorado Blvd from Pasadena Ave on the west to Bonnie Ave on the east, with a “hub” at PCC.
      • Raymond Ave from a Memorial Park “hub” on the north to Del Mar on the south, including an “Old Pasadena hub”.
      • Lake Ave from Colorado on the north to what looks like where San Pasqual would be on the south, including a “South Lake Avenue District hub”
    • No beginning or end. Start anywhere, go as far or short as you want. Of course you are encouraged to use Metro to get there.  You cannot park on the route because it is “no cars”.
    • “the most walkable CicLAvia to date at 3.5 miles”
    • “CicLAvia’s new partnership with Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities, Cirque du Soleil’s newest touring Big Top show, coming to southern California this fall, will give participants young and old a smile-inducing and awe-inspiring entertainment adventure.”
  • EEWNA meeting schedule July 2015 – June 2016
    • On Tuesday May 19, we need to put in our reservation for the library meeting room for the upcoming city fiscal year.
    • Will request the same schedule.
    • Kathy agreed to submit the request as soon as practicable on Tuesday May 19 to give us the best priority in case somebody else wants the same time slots.  (Note the library itself always has scheduling priority.)
  • Local Crime Summary
    • For the last month, from
      • Mon May 4, 7:24 am, 3000 block La Tierra St, Residential Burglary (only one house in this block, faces PCC parking lot)
      • Thurs May 7, 2:36 am, Sierra Madre Villa Ave at Del Vina St, Drugs and/or Alcohol violations
    • Activity listed on crimemapping shows ours and surrounding neighborhoods fairly quiet during past month.
    • Several grand thefts on south Halstead in mid-April, and also a strong arm robbery at 6:45 am on Fri April 17. Cannot tell for sure which may have been at the Gold Line station vs. across the street at a business.

Next meeting is June 13, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library meeting room

Adjourned about 12:30 pm?