July 11, 2015 Meeting Summary


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Susan brought vanilla cake and seedless grapes


Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:19 am

  • Sierra Madre Villa Ave and Foothill Blvd resurfacing
    • The grind down and resurfacing of Sierra Madre Villa Ave between Orange Grove and Sierra Madre Blvd and Foothill Blvd from Altadena Drive to Halstead St is supposed to be done now, except for re-striping.
    • The lower part of Sierra Madre Villa Ave, between Orange Grove and Foothill is not going to be resurfaced yet even though it needed it more then the upper part.  Don’t know why; might mean there is another project planned that will cause it to be dug up.
  • Del Vina St gutters to be fixed
    • On June 22, the City Council approved a “Drainage Improvement of Flat Streets 2015” contract for “removal and replacement of portions of damaged concrete curb, gutter, driveway apron, and sidewalk, and miscellaneous appurtenant work” at various locations in the city, including Del Vina St from Avocado Ave to Sierra Madre Villa.
    • “It is anticipated that construction will begin in August 2015 and be completed in November 2015.”
    • Unclear why Del Vina gets this consideration for the whole block.  There is just one place that is really bad.
  • Plant nursery to be under wires again, maybe
    • Signs on fences indicate there was a hearing scheduled on July 1 for a Conditional Use Permit for a commercial nursery on the land under the Edison wires from Sierra Madre Blvd to Orange Grove Blvd. It appears from the addresses listed that this includes the former Perssons location on the north side of Sierra Madre Blvd.
    • Did not hear about it or see the signs before the hearing so did not see the staff report for the permit which would have given more information.
    • Do not know the outcome of the hearing.
  • New format for Association web site
    • eewna.org has a new look and some new features, courtesy of Scott.
    • work is still in progress
    • One feature is a list of the most recently updated posts
    • There is an ability to comment on postings.  This hasn’t been tried out yet.
    • A Search box on the home page allows searching all the pages on our website.
    • Other then some formatting tweaks and fixing some broken links, the information on issues has not been updated yet.
  • NextDoor split to match Neighborhood Association boundaries
    • The “Madre Oaks” neighborhood on NextDoor.com has been split into three neighborhoods.
    • The new East Eaton Wash nextdoor.com neighborhood’s boundaries match that of East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association.
    • The Madre Oaks nextdoor neighborhood lead had  been advocating to the website for the split almost since she initiated formation of the Madre Oaks neighborhood.  NextDoor chose the initial boundaries and did not want to reduce the size until there were more members.  But the new Canyon Wash nextdoor neighborhood has only 1 member.
  • Local Crime Summary
    • For the last month, from crimemapping.com:
      • Sat June 20, 11:44 am, 3100 block Mataro St, Grand Theft
      • Sat June 27, 10:27 pm, 400 block Vineyard Pl, Assault with Deadly Weapon (ADW)  (could hear the cussing, yelling and screaming more then a block away)
      • Mon June 29, 6:50 pm, corner of Santa Paula Ave and Del Vina St, 6 listings (see “Car thief taken into custody”, below)
    • Car thief taken into custody
      • On June 29, around 6:30 pm, a young man driving a stolen car was chased by police into the neighborhood.
      • He abandoned the car on Avocado Ave, just north of the corner with Del Vina St.
      • He then walked quickly eastward on Del Vina Street, talking on a cell phone, as the police helicopter circled and police cars approached with sirens going full blast.
      • The first police car arrived, from the west, on Del Vina just as he turned south on Santa Paula Ave.  The officer jumped out of the car and pointed his gun at the suspect.  He surrendered and was taken into custody.
      • Did not find any mention in the news about it.
      • Crimemapping.com shows six separate incidents, all with the same location and time stamp, which would seem to be the bookings for this suspect:
        • Take vehicle w/o owner’s consent
        • Bring controlled substance/etc into prison/jail/etc
        • Possession of Methamphetamine, ecstasy ghb, listed substance
        • Possession of marijuana in vehicle
        • Fraud – forged instrument, false records, etc…
        • Fraud – fictitious checks/bills:makes,utters,passes,etc
    • Catalytic converters vulnerable to theft
      • The L.A. County Sheriffs Dept is advising that they are seeing catalytic converters being stolen from under cars, and especially trucks and SUVs.
      • The higher vehicles provide easier access and larger vehicles sometimes have more then one catalytic converter.
      • Reportedly it can take less then a minute to cut  the converter out of the exhaust system using a cordless saw.
      • The part is valued as scrap for its precious metals, typically $50 to $250, but could require thousands of dollars to replace.
      • For prevention, the Sheriff’s Dept advises:
        • Parking in busy and well lit areas, or your closed garage.
        • Consult a muffler shop about welding the muffler to the frame with hardened steel pieces.
        • Consider a theft deterrent system available at auto parts stores or online.
        • Engrave the vehicle’s VIN on the converter so it can be traced if it is recovered.  (Probably won’t help you directly, but it would allow authorities to prove it was stolen because you would have filed a police report.)
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • Watering limited to Tuesday and Saturday
      • Just a reminder that sprinkler watering is now limited to two days per week and those days are Tuesday and Saturday.
      • Strangely, don’t think have seen any mailed notices by Pasadena Water and Power even though the change was made over a month ago.
      • Pasadena’s web site shows that overall PWP water usage savings from June 1 to July 1 is 24%, still below the 28% target set by the state.
    • Michael Mina
      • Michael Mina passed away in late June.
      • Michael, retired from LA County, lived in his house on Las Lunas Street his entire life. He was a sweet and funny guy and will be missed.
    • Gold Line
      • The Gold Line extension to Azusa is currently being tested by the construction authority. The “operations campus” in Monrovia was declared complete and open in May. The construction authority expects to turn everything over to the MTA in late September. MTA will then test and prepare. Expectations are that service might begin next Spring (2016).
      • The current Gold Line has had a lot of delays recently in the middle of the day, with service reduced to one track in an area south of Pasadena.  Anyone know why?
      • The Gold Line station at Sierra Madre Villa is suffering from a serious lack of maintenance.  Such as filthy and elevator lights not working for forever.  It is also now being occupied by homeless people.
    • Homeless explosion continues
      • The homeless population in our vicinity seems to be continuing to increase rapidly.
      • Not clear how many were here all along but are now more exposed because of recent brush and bush clearance along the freeway.
      • How many were local but priced out of housing vs came from elsewhere?  How many would have been in jail but due to recent changes are now on the street without the ability to get housing?
      • Is the Gold Line station making it easier for them to be here?  Will some of them move further east once the extension opens?
      • Freeway underpass on Kinneloa continues to be problematic. Sometimes just one occupant, but on a recent very hot day there were many people there.
      • Lots of tents etc on freeway embankment behind the self storage places.
    • SMV underpass art project
      • The public art project has now been installed on the east side of the freeway underpass on Sierra Madre Villa Ave.  It was developed as the required art component of the sidewalk and lighting improvements in the underpass which were done in lieu of a once-planned ridiculously expensive pedestrian bridge from the Gold Line station to the south of the freeway.
    • Foothill at Sierra Madre Villa construction
      • When will the construction on the southeast corner of Foothill and Sierra Madre Villa Ave be completed? Don’t know.
      • Is it entirely residential, or is is mixed use?  As far as know, it is entirely residential.  212 units.  Originally was specified as condos; do not know if that will still be the case.
      • The Stuart isn’t full is it?   Don’t know.   Will they really be able to fill all those units?  The developer must think there will be enough demand or wouldn’t be doing it.  Of course there is always a gamble involved in whether the economy and demand for a particular type of housing will do what is projected.
      • Hoping completion of that project will spur the authorities to clean and fix up the Gold Line station.  Doubt there is any relation.  Probably only if the developer offered to pay for improvements.  Fat chance.

Next meeting is August 8, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library meeting room

Adjourned about 12:15 pm?

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  1. Hi there,
    we have concluded our initial ground cover tarp cover of our avocado tree at 3167 Alameda Street. This effort will continue on and off until the canopy is fully recovered, as it was damaged by the severe hurricane force winds of 2011 and the tree has not yet fully recovered. She is doing much better, and with gentle hydration our efforts are starting to pay off. We have newly formed canopy leaves and will continue to monitor them by use of a very cheap drone that will be used specifically for canopy evaluation only. We thank all of our neighbors as the sight of the canopy upset a few neighbors who were recalcitrant at seeing a tree being covered for no apparent reason. This will also be posted to our Madre Oaks/ EENWA site.

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