October 10, 2015 Meeting Summary


E-mail and phone reminders


6 members


Gail brought fresh donuts


Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:30 am

    • Used Book Sale @ Hastings Library Sat Oct 17 10 – 2
      • Sale of books and DVDs that have been donated or removed from circulation.
      • Prices start out at $1 for hardbacks, 50 cents for paper backs, allowance given for thin books.  Gradually the price is reduced until its $1 for a bag of books.  So come early for best selection; come later for quantity collection.
      • Proceeds are spent on programs and purchases of Hastings Branch library.
      • Sale managed by Hastings Associates, the branch chapter of Friends of the Pasadena Public Library.
      • Hastings Branch Library  (northwest corner of Orange Grove Blvd and Sierra Madre Villa Ave)
        Saturday October 17, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    • Neighborhood Associations Meet & Greet with City 10/17
      • Our Neighborhood Association is registered with the City’s office of Neighborhood Connections.
      • Neighborhood Connections is holding a “Meet & Greet” event for Neighborhood Association representatives. It is a drop-in event on
        Saturday October 17 from 10 a.m to 12:30 p.m.
        Jackie Robinson Community Center, 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
      • “Complimentary continental breakfast” will be provided.
      • According to the announcement, others attending are council member district representatives (that would be Noreen Sullivan) and “various community organizations”.  It’s likely they will have arranged for staff from some other city departments to attend.
      • The announcement says they wish to “share… tools that are available to you for continued success”.
      • It is also an opportunity to meet people from other Neighborhood Associations.
      • If we have a representative visit, they can also “collect” our “Neighborhood Association Certification and registration number”.  (Apparently that’s somebody’s new idea to make Neighborhood Connection and us feel more important.)
      • Laura has a previous commitment and cannot attend.  Who can go?  Gail and/or Jennie might stop by it.  Just tell them you’re from East Eaton Wash.  Our Neighborhood Association information is all up to date.
    • Local Crime Summary
      • For the last month, from crimemapping.com:
        • Saturday Sept 19, 3:48 pm, 3000 block La Tierra St, Public Intoxication
        • Thursday Sept 24, 7:24 am, 3100 block E Orange Grove, Petty Theft
        • Monday Sept 28, 10:46 pm, Culver Alley & Sierra Madre Villa, drugs/alcohol health & safety
        • lots of activity in the area of Target
    • anything else attendees wish to discuss
      • Miscellaneous discussions
        • It was nice and cool in the library meeting room while very hot outside, and the agenda was very short, so we mostly just chit-chatted about many topics, including:
          • electric bills and solar panels
          • cataracts
          • street trees and sidewalks
          • new cars now under high-power lines between Kinneloa Ave and Ganahl Lumber, what dealership they belong to, and destruction of the pretty bougainvillea that used to be along the sidewalk


      Next meeting is November 14, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library meeting room
      Adjourned about 12:30 after finishing long before