2016 Newsletter

The Grapevine

No. 11        News from East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association       February 23, 2015

Election for Association Officers

Please vote in our Association’s annual election of officers at our Saturday March 12 meeting, held at Hastings Branch Library from 11:15 am to 12:45 pm.

Officer positions are:

President – chair meetings; officially represent the association to external parties

Vice President – support and act in place of President or Secretary as needed

Secretary – publicize meetings; record and distribute meeting minutes; maintain contact list

Treasurer – receive, keep safe, track, report on, and disburse Association funds. (So far the Association has never had any funds)

Nominations for willing candidates may be made via e-mail [email protected] or phone
(626) 792-2927 by March 9. Please provide the name, address, and a contact e-mail and/or phone number for the candidate.

The “Neighborhood Association”

soccermapAnyone age 18 or older who lives within the boundaries is automatically a member of East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association. The boundaries are from Foothill Blvd. north to the south side of Orange Grove Blvd, and from Eaton Wash east to Sierra Madre Villa Ave. There are no membership dues.

The Neighborhood Association mission is to help improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  It does this by:

  • helping us get to know and communicate with each other,
  • keeping us informed of local developments and issues affecting the neighborhood,
  • helping us work together to safeguard and improve our neighborhood,
  • providing an avenue for organized feedback and input to the city.

Meetings: Second Saturday of each month at 11:15 am at Hastings Branch Library.

Sign up for e-mail and you’ll receive the meeting summary each month, and an occasional message when something comes up between meetings. We won’t share your e-mail address with anybody.

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: https://eewna.org

550 Unit Development Proposal

Trammell Crow Company has begun the City’s application process for permits to build a 550 unit apartment complex on the south side of Foothill between Kinneloa Ave on the west, the Kaiser Medical offices on the east, and the freeway to the south. The property is a little over 9 acres.

Space Bank has owned the property since 1978. The Naval Undersea Center was located there from the mid 1940s. Before World War II, the area was part of our Chihuahuita neighborhood.

Trammell Crow has an option to buy the property, which they will not exercise until they have the necessary development permits. They have been evaluating the site since about 2007. An unknown amount of toxic waste contamination left by the Navy is a major concern. The Navy has been unwilling to release information because their activities were classified. Some limited testing indicates surface contamination can be sufficiently remedied for residential use, but there may also be deep toxic plumes. Water monitoring wells need to be drilled. Trammell Crow has been working on a four party agreement with the current property owner, the regional water quality control board, and the Department of Toxic and Substance Control.

The preliminary plan for 550 apartments would be a mixture of studio, one, two, and three bedrooms, with a minimum one year lease term. The City’s required affordable housing would be included on-site, mixed in among all the units, and built and furnished the same as the other units.

There would be several separate buildings with lots of open space between. A five story parking garage would be at the back of the property, providing some buffer from the freeway. (The freeway would still be higher.) Additional parking would be underneath buildings adjacent to Foothill. Buildings along Foothill would be three stories high, with some retail on the ground floor and a few live-work units with front doors facing Foothill. Further from Foothill buildings would increase in height to four and then five stories. Because of the slope of the land, the height difference would not be very apparent from Foothill. There would be no wall or fence around the project. The main driveway would be about mid-point on Foothill, with driveways also at the back from Kinneloa Ave and at the east edge adjacent to Kaiser’s property.

There would be about 65 units per acre, a total of about 770,000 square feet in buildings. The developer has pointed out that the Floor Area Ratio would be about 2.1, well below the 3.0 that the City’s new General Plan assigns to the site. The General Plan’s intent is to focus major development near the transit stations.

The Preliminary Plan Review application is currently being studied by the staff of several City departments. It is expected to be presented as an informational item to the City’s Design Commission and then the City Council sometime this Spring. After that the environmental study process (CEQA) starts, including the required traffic studies.

The developer expects it will take about two years to get through the approval process. Then about two and a half years to build the project, but it would be built in phases with some tenants moving in before the entire project is completed.

The most obvious issue for our neighborhood is an increase in traffic congestion on Foothill, making it harder for us to come and go, and causing more vehicles to cut through on our little streets. That will be a big issue both during and after construction. Noise and dust are certainly an issue during construction. An additional concern with the completed project may be street parking in our neighborhood. The project is within the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zone around the Gold Line station. That essentially means that parking spaces will be very limited because the occupants are expected to take public transit. (A proposed modification to the TOD standard that would slightly ease the restriction for this area is being held up by advocates for further reducing parking spaces downtown.)

Trammell Crow has offered to come to a meeting with our neighborhood in the coming weeks to discuss their proposed development. When and where have not yet been determined.

Stay Connected!

If you are not already on our e-mail list, please send a note to [email protected] to sign up so you’ll be sure to get the latest information.

If you’d like to view or engage in online discussions related to our neighborhood, sign up with the free commercially operated website NextDoor.com. Its East Eaton Wash neighborhood’s boundaries now match ours and many of your neighbors have signed up.

Report All Crime

Many people are not reporting small thefts or break-ins. They don’t want to bother; they don’t think the culprits will ever be caught and/or punished and stolen property won’t be returned. Probably true, but it is important to report anyway. Without knowledge of the volume of crime, police resources will not be allocated. Without all the pieces of the puzzle, the police are far less likely to solve it. Without being caught repeatedly, repeat offenders won’t face any consequences.

In Pasadena, for crimes where the suspect is unknown and no one was hurt, you can file a police report online here: cityofpasadena.net/Police/Report_A_Crime_Online.

Free Mulch

The city is giving away to residents mulch made from street tree trimmings. It is available on the south side of the parking lot at Victory Park, while supplies last, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

New loads will be delivered this year on March 11, April 8, May 6, June 3, July 15, August 12, September 9, October 7, November 4. Bring your own containers, shovels, gloves.

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