April 9, 2016 Neighborhood Meeting Summary


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Agenda Items:

The meeting began about 11:45 am (we were delayed by a butterfly garden event being moved inside due to the rain)

  • Watering now allowed Tuesday and Saturday
    • The rules for when you can water outside are now back to the “spring/summer” schedule.
    • Through October, you can water using sprinklers on Tuesdays and Saturdays, before 9 am or after 6 pm.
    • Hand watering is allowed any day of the week.
  • No decision on Utility Undergrounding Program
    • At the March 14 City Council meeting, they discussed possibly terminating the Utility Undergrounding Program.
    • They could not come to a decision.  They directed city staff to gather more information and return to the Municipal Services Commission.
    • Some council members were concerned about perceptions of fairness by those who’ve paid into the program for decades but would never have their street undergrounded.  (No one mentioned that streets where the wires are only at the back of the property were never going to get undergrounded).
    • Some council members wanted the City Attorney to first determine what the city is legally obligated to do and what legal options there are for any remaining funds.
    • Some council members said they thought that ratepayers should have more opportunity to be informed about the topic and provide their input.  That there should be community meetings.
    • One person did speak at public comment about the travesty of being on an adjacent street and forced to underground your connection if you pull a permit to do something to your house.  In her case, she needed to replace her roof, it didn’t have anything to do with electricity.  This did actually spur a council member to ask City staff to explain what exactly triggers that requirement and how that would stay the same, be modified, or eliminated if the undergrounding program was terminated.  Surprising to realize the Municipal Services committee, which had agreed the overall program should be terminated, had not asked for that information already.
    • For more information, see
  • Metro requests feedback on draft 40 year plan
    • The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) has released a Draft Expenditure Plan for public input.
    • “The Plan outlines how Metro will plan, build, operate, and fund our growing transportation system over the next 40 years to accommodate the additional 2.4 million people and 1.4 million new jobs that are projected for Los Angeles County over the same period.”
    • “The foundation of the Plan consists of 36 major highway and transit projects as well as projects designed to improve and enhance mobility and system connectivity; promote bicycling and walking; support Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Paratransit services for the disabled; discounts for students and seniors; investments to fund bus and rail operations; ongoing system maintenance and repair, including repair of bridges and tunnels; and funds for repair and enhancement of local streets and roads.”
    • To pay for the plan, Metro is considering a ballot measure for an additional half cent sales tax, as well as extending the existing half cent sales tax, to generate an estimated $120 billion over the 40 years.
    • They are holding several physical as well as online and telephonic community meetings in April and May.
    • To learn more and/or submit comments to Metro, visit theplan.metro.net/.
  • Local Crime Summary
    • For the last month, from crimemapping.com:  (note that time is typically when reported, not when it happened)
      • Wed March 23, 10:28 am, 3000 block of E Orange Grove (Vińa Vieja Park), Assault, battery
      • Sunday April 3, 7:01 pm, 3200 block E Foothill Bl, Battery
  • anything else attendees wish to discuss
    • In memory of Amelia Diego
      • Our valued neighbor of over 50 years on Estado Street has passed away.
      • Amelia was strong willed, tough, funny, goodhearted, a good friend.
      • She raised two daughters here and loved her grandchildren.
      • She was involved with this neighborhood association since its reactivation and attended meetings frequently.
      • She will be missed.

Next meeting is May 14, 11:15 am, at Hastings Branch Library meeting room

Adjourned about 12:30 pm