TAC request for intersections for study

Traffic Report Card – Invitation to Nominate Intersections for Study

February 21, 2005

Dear Neighborhood Leader:

Late last year, the Pasadena City Council adopted a new General Plan Mobility Element, including specific policy recommendations from the Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC).  TAC recommended that the Department of Transportation (DOT) publish an annual “Report Card” to measure progress in the City’s efforts to protect neighborhoods from traffic and make it easier to get around town without a car.

We are estimating that DOT will publish its first Report Card in December 2005.  The Report Card will measure traffic speed, volume and delay at key intersections and street segments throughout Pasadena.  The Report Card also will measure ridership on the Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System (ARTS) and the Gold Line.  TAC is working with DOT to develop the format and content of the Report Card.  And we need your help.

The Report Card will be simple and easy to read.  Most importantly, it will report on traffic conditions on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, so Pasadena residents can track the City’s progress at key intersections in their own neighborhoods.  As a neighborhood association, you and your board members know better than anyone the traffic “hot spots” in your neighborhood.  We are writing to ask you to nominate the top five (5) intersections that your association would like to see included in the annual Report Card.  Your association’s feedback will help TAC and DOT select a representative cross-section of intersections Citywide.

Please nominate your top five intersections by sending an e-mail to
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>  and
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> .  Please let us
hear from you by March 31.
With your assistance, the DOT annual Report Card will be a critical tool in measuring the success of our efforts to protect neighborhoods from traffic and make it easier to get around town without a car.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Very truly yours,
Vince Farhat, District 6 Appointment
Carolyn Naber, Mayor’s Appointment
Transportation Advisory Commission Members
Annual Traffic Report Card Sub-committee


East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association nominates the following for the
annual report card:

Sierra Madre Villa Ave. / Foothill Blvd.
This busy and crucial intersection has been dramatically upgraded
recently but more new development is rapidly coming on-line nearby and
the Gold Line is only lightly used so far.  Will the intersection be
able to handle load increases well?  Also, residents walking to/from the
Gold Line report problems with drivers turning right as they attempt to
get across in the cross walks.  While drivers report large backups due
to cars waiting for pedestrians to cross before turning right.

Foothill / PCC-CEC driveway
This area of Foothill is a big problem, particularly eastbound on
Foothill during the afternoon/evening crunch time.  The city is talking
about adding a traffic signal at this intersection and another a few
feet away at Foothill / Titley, in addition to the signal already a very
short distance away at Santa Paula Ave.  They are all to be coordinated
in some manner.  It will be interesting to see how this all actually
works out.

Sierra Madre Villa Ave. / Alameda Ave
This intersection is roughly in the middle of the stretch of Sierra
Madre Villa Ave. between signals at Orange Grove-Rosemead Blvds and at
Foothill Blvd.  This is where cars seem to be going the fastest as they
speed down the hill toward the freeway, or up the hill to work/home from
the freeway or stores.  As the number of cars and their dispersal
increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for pedestrians from our
neighborhood to find a safe traffic hole in which to cross Sierra Madre
Villa so they can go to/come from stores or bus stops via Electronic Drive.