August 2005 – Park Change Removing SE corner including Pedestrian Entrance

August 2005 – Park Change Removing SE corner including Pedestrian Entrance

On July 30, 2005 the letter below was received by residents within 300 feet of the new park.  In summary, Edison discovered that the high tension wires are too close to the ground in the south east corner of the park to allow public access to the area beneath them, and therefore that area will be fenced off.  Because the planned pedestrian entrance would have to go through that area, it cannot exist as it was planned.

At the August 2nd meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission, the commission was informed that city staff had changed their mind and were no longer requesting that the plan be changed.  This is because there is still some hope that sometime in the future Edison will move the power lines higher and thus enable the original plan to be completed.  By not changing the plan now, it would not have to be changed again if that happens.

Since then we have heard from Councilman Haderlein that plans are underway to move the pedestrian entrance 75 to 100 yards south on Avocado where the power lines are again high enough to allow public access beneath them.  There will then be a path from that entrance north to the southern edge of the park.  The plan is to have this ready in time for the park opening (which is more likely possible now that the opening has been delayed).  Details of this entrance and path are not yet available.

Update Feb 27, 2006:

The pedestrian entrance will temporarily be located at the intersection with Alameda Street (where the existing vehicle gates are).  The path will then proceed across the Edison land using the existing City easement.  Once the path gets to the City owned land west of the Edison wires, the path will proceed north to the southern edge of the park.  It is expected that as the result of negotiations with Edison involving the Ice Rink project the pedestrian entrance will be moved further north on Avocado, probably to just south of Del Vina Street.
Additional bits of information:

1.  The problem lines are on the eastern set of towers.  These towers are much further apart then the western towers and the lines dip much lower in between.

2.  Edison could move the lines higher, and hasn’t ruled out doing it, but currently has no plans or funding to do so.

3. Rough estimates show that any entrance further south on Avocado would likely have to be somewhere south of Del Vina Street. Probably south of the tower for the western set of lines.

4.  As of early August the city still planned to put in the curb and gutter from the north side of Las Lunas to where the pedestrian entrance was supposed to be and possibly put in the street light which was to go at the entrance.  It is possible that the money that would have been used for this will be redirected to construction of the new entrance further south and path from there to the park.  In any case, as of early 2006 it does not appear that any street improvements will occur on Avocado.


July 28, 2005

Dear Resident,

The master plan for Eaton Wash Park was amended in June 2004 to modify the park’s
boundaries to utilize the Southern California Edison (SCE) property east of the dedicated
park. At that time SCE had conditionally approved the revised park master plan,
contingent upon a completion of a detailed final review and approval. In the interest of
completing the park as soon as possible, the project was put out to bid and the City
Council authorized the award of contract prior to the final approval of the project plans
by SCE.

During the final stages of plan review, SCE informed the city that clearance issues below
the transmission lines in the southeast comer of the site would preclude any public use of
this area. A section of the proposed park measuring 80′ by 275′ will be fenced and
unavailable for park use and the master plan for the park has been modified accordingly
(please see attachment).

This “exclusion zone” includes the proposed park entrance located on Avocado Avenue,
thus there will be no secondary entrance to the park, at least initially. As a part of the
development of the area south of the park, currently proposed as the location of an ice
rink, staff hopes to develop a route of access from Avocado Avenue into the park. This
proposal is contingent upon the development plans for this area and cannot be
implemented until those plans are resolved.

The cost savings associated with this modification will be used to upgrade some or all of
the park walkways from decomposed granite to concrete. We will upgrade as many of
the park’s walkways to concrete as our budget allows.

Staff plans to present this master plan amendment to the Recreation and Parks
Commission on August 2, 2005 and to the City Council on August 22, 2005. Both
meetings will be held at the Pasadena Senior Center at 85 E. Holly St. The Recreation
and Parks Commission meeting starts at 6:00 and the Council meeting begins at 6:30.
Please feel free to call me at 626-744-7329 if you have any questions.


Todd Holmes
Landscape Architect

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