The city finds that it is in the best interest of the community to develop a formal process for requests to name parks and recreational facilities in city parks. Therefore the city deems it desirable, and in the public interest, to establish a set of guidelines and procedures for the selection of names for parks and recreational facilities.


The City will adopt a name for each city park based on one or more of the following criteria and, when deemed appropriate, may do the same for a recreational facility located within the physical boundaries of a city park. The following criteria shall be used in determining the names of city parks and recreational facilities:
  1. Geographical location of the park or facility; or
  2. Natural or geological features proximate to the park or facility; or
  3. Cultural or historical significance to the City or surrounding neighborhood; or
  4. The name of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the community, country, state, or the field of parks and recreation.
Existing names shall not be subject to change unless, after investigation and review, the proposed name is found to be more appropriate than the existing name, based on the criteria listed in this policy. Any action to change the name of an existing park shall follow the same process as outlined below.

  1. Any person or organization may submit a request to name a public park or recreational facility to the City Manager. Such requests should provide the proposed name, the location and brief description of the park or facility to be named, and a statement evidencing that the proposed name is consistent with this policy.
  1. The City Manager shall review such requests and may refer the request to the Director of Public Works for appropriate action. In the case of the naming or renaming of a park, the city will notify and accept input from all property owners within a 1000-foot radius of the subject site. The proposed name change, along with any input received from property owners regarding such, will be considered by the Recreation and Parks commission at a public meeting.
  1. Upon the recommendation of the Recreation and Parks commission, staff will prepare an agenda report pertaining to the proposed naming. Such action will be considered by the City Council at a public meeting. The date, time and location of such hearing shall be noticed in advance. Although not required by law, courtesy notices of the name change should be mailed in advance of the City Council's consideration of a name change to all property owners within 1,000 feet of the park and to other parties which have expressed an interest. Based on the action taken by the Council, staff will take all appropriate measures regarding the naming of the park or recreational facility.
  2. <>Petitioner shall be responsible for all costs associated with name change.

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